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Name:because history needed more dragons
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Community description:A fan community for Naomi Novik's historical fantasy series
This is exactly what it says on the box: a Dreamwidth comm for fans of Naomi Novik's Temeraire series.

Anything Temeraire-related is enthusiastically encouraged, whether it's fanworks (fic, art, graphics, anything, whether it be het, slash or gen), discussion, speculation, fic recs, requests for fic recs – anything at all. If you've just joined, you're absolutely welcome to make a post to say hello. Don't worry too much about what counts as on-topic; if you think it might be of interest to Temeraire fans, go ahead and post it!

We only ask that you abide by the following rules when posting here:

I. Be respectful and considerate of other members.
Don't be a douche! Disagreeing over things is fine, but only if you do it politely. Don't jump down someone's throat for asking a question that you think is a stupid or unnecessary one, or tell someone they're an idiot for liking a pairing, or an interpretation of canon, that you don't. Trolling, flaming and harassment are, needless to say, not in the least bit appreciated and will be met with harsh words and banning. We would prefer to avoid this!

II. Cuts are your friends.
If you're not sure what a cut is, or how to make one, you can find out here.
Things that should go under cuts:
• Anything violent or sexual
• Fanfiction over 100 words long
• Any images larger than 400 pixels in height or width
• Multiple images (three or four previews for an icon post are fine)
• Spoilers (Use your discretion, but generally it would be nice to put anything that explicitly points out any major plot points from the most recent book under a cut. After the sixth book is released, whenever that may be, anything relating to any of its content should be considered a spoiler and treated accordingly.)

III. No spam.
We don't mind the reposting of old stuff that might have been already posted a while ago (especially discussion – it is, for instance, scientific fact that there is no limit to the number of times that members of any given non-live-action fandom can discuss which actors they would like to play their favourite characters in a hypothetical film adaptation). It ought, though, to be common sense that this is not the same as something like posting the exact same thing over and over again every day for two weeks. Accidentally double-posting is one thing, but purposeful spamming, whether in the form of comments or posts to the actual comm, will not be tolerated.

IV. Use tags.
Current tags can be found here, but members are welcome to add new tags whenever the need for them arises – we'd be here forever if we went and made a list of tags for every single character or pairing anyone might ever want to write about, so we're happier letting people add tags for that sort of thing as they go.

V. Have fun.
You had better, or we will beat you up. :)

[personal profile] evildoers – Elle.
[personal profile] orm – Squeak.
[personal profile] pob – Hammie.
They are pretty lovely people, mostly.

Some potentially helpful and relevant links:, Naomi Novik's official site
The Temeraire wiki
[community profile] age_of_sail, a DW comm for ye olde-y, boat-y fandoms
[ profile] temeraire_fans on LJ

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black powder war, dragon rights, dragons, dragons dragons dragons, duty, empire of ivory, fanart, fandom, fanfiction, heck yes dragons, his majesty's dragon, historical fantasy, icons, king and country, more dragons, odd mushrooms, pavilions, sometimes also boats, temeraire, throne of jade, victory of eagles
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